Need a hand? Honda Owner Link has you covered

January 21st, 2013 by

Life can get pretty busy … we hear you!

Fortunately, when you buy or lease a Honda, you have access to Honda Owner Link — a handy online tool that helps you keep track of important car-related details. Simply create an account and register your vehicle. After that, caring for your vehicle and keeping track of maintenance is a breeze. With Honda Owner Link, you can:

· Track service and maintenance visits with the Service Records feature

· Schedule service appointments with your dealer (that’s us!)

· Save time by printing and completing a Service Visit Prep Form before you bring your car in.

· Monitor safety recalls.

· Retrieve your radio code if it has been disabled.

· Download a complete copy of your warranty booklet

· Shop for parts and accessories.

Check it out today. You’ll be glad you did!