Let’s talk tires …

November 28th, 2011 by

There’s no question that Old Man Winter will eventually pay a visit here in northeast Indiana, and as colder weather approaches, drivers need to be sure they maintain correct tire pressure. (Low tire pressure can cause premature wear of your tires and can decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

All newer model Hondas are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which automatically alerts drivers if one (or more) of their tires has low pressure. If you see the indicator light on your dashboard, simply pull into the next gas station and check that your tire pressure is at the recommended level. (Not sure what that is? Your trusty owner’s manual will tell you the proper tire pressure level for your vehicle.) Also, a word of caution: don’t panic of the indicator light doesn’t go off immediately. It typically remains illuminated until you drive around for a few minutes.

If you see the letters “TPMS” on the upper right portion of your dashboard, your car’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System may not be working properly. This is something we can usually fix fairly easily – head on in to the dealership, and we’ll gladly take a look.

In the meantime, you may even want to consider having your tires filled with nitrogen, which helps maximize fuel economy, extends the life of your tires, increases safety and reliability and improves the handling of your vehicle. In addition, nitrogen helps maintain correct tire pressure, even in the dead of winter. Let us know if you’d like to give it a try!

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