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Compact vs. Midsize vs. Subcompact Cars

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If you’ve been searching for a new or pre-owned vehicle in Fort Wayne, you’ve likely come across the following vehicle classifications: compact, midsize, and subcompact. But, what do all of these titles mean? In short: compact cars offer more passenger and cargo room than subcompact vehicles, which offer very little of both. However, compact cars are still smaller than midsize vehicles. Keep reading with Don Ayres Honda as we delve into the differences between compact vs. midsize vs. subcompact cars.



What’s a Compact Car?

Warsaw drivers often ask, “What’s a compact car?” Compact vehicles like the Honda Civic or the Honda Insight offer about 100-109 total cubic feet for passengers and cargo. Compact vehicles are a solid middle ground between subcompact and midsize cars because they have enough room for passengers to ride comfortably, but they’re still small enough for agile handling on crowded city streets.

Now, if you plan on frequently traveling with lots of passengers and cargo, then you may want to consider moving up to a midsize model that ensures plenty of room and comfort for your family and necessities.

What Does Subcompact Mean?

While compact vehicles offer between 100-109 combined cubic feet for passengers and cargo, subcompact vehicles have much smaller dimensions-typically 85-99 combined cubic feet for passengers and cargo. In turn, if you have a big family or you’re frequently hauling around your children’s sports equipment, a subcompact car will not be ideal for your lifestyle.

Even though subcompact cars don’t offer as much space as do compact or midsize models, if you’re shopping on a budget, subcompacts are more affordable than other vehicles. They’re also easier to park — a real advantage of finding parking near you in Van Wert is a challenge!

Compact vs. Midsize: What’s the Difference?

How do you know whether or not a compact vs. midsize vehicle is right for your Huntington lifestyle? Compact and midsize automobiles typically seat the same number of passengers – five – but midsize vehicles have more headroom and legroom. Also, midsize vehicles have more trunk space, making them the ideal option for Fort Wayne drivers who frequently haul large pieces of cargo. If you’re interested in a midsize SUV, check out the Honda CR-V.

Find the Perfect-Sized Honda at Don Ayres Honda

Now that you’ve compared compact vs. midsize vs. subcompact automobiles, which will you choose? The best way to figure out which size suits your best is to contact Don Ayres Honda and arrange a test drive in each type of model. Our sales experts will help you determine the best sized Honda for your lifestyle needs. We look forward to working with you!


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